Thoughts become things!

…all started with a spontaneous 15 days Yoga holiday at Patnem beach 2012… my lovely wife Anja found the beautiful resort „Lotus” in a internet searchmashine (now called “Bamboo Yoga”) – we arrived – 95% female Yoga students and we the only family with two kids – magic place at a quiet beach – amazing Indian and Nepalese crew – great healthy food – beautiful weather and sea – heartopening and a very happy family…

During that quality time we had two impulses which planted an idea in our mind… one was a conversation of myself with Patrick, a swiss guy traveling Goa for a long time and then a few years ago decided to stay, because he always wanted to live by the sea and he always wanted to cook and open a restaurant. So he quit his job in Switzerland and changed his life with passion and run a place called “Hidden Gourmet” at the west end of Patnem beach. Second was the face-to-face meeting with Pem, that time an employed Indian Yoga teacher at the resort Lotus, teaching Iyengar Yoga a few times a week and running a handcraft jewelry store with his beautiful Canadian wife Karine. We hang around at their shop sometimes to chat, and on one of our last days Karine and Pem told us, that there is a little Waldorf school based 200 meters around the corner… so we had a look and felt in love with this unique place in the jungle – you could feel the positive energy of the school, the creativity of the space and the loving kindness of the teachers we directly spoke to. This opened a space in our heads to start dreaming…

My wife Anja and I always dreamed to live by the sea in a warm country (as Patrick did) and the first weeks after coming back home to cold Germany we thought „if we can not live by the sea permanent – why should we not dry once in life and just do it!“ Life is to short not trying things out and in my last days on earth we do not to speak subjunctively „why did we not do this and that…?!“ … so we started planing a life break of four month during the season 2013/2014.

We registered our two kids at Vidya Aranya School, prepared everything regarding the school break in the German Waldorf Mother-School in Stuttgart and also to have a break of our jobs, canceling our business email during that time, deleting our German mobile numbers, and so on… the process to have a break in life suddenly started. The feeling to leave the Western system for a few months, leave behind the daily routine was happiness and fear at the same time.

Pem and Karine helped us finding a house onsite for rent and also to get saddled in the first days we arrived. We are very thankful for that and they were a key for us to feel comfortable very quick.

We did not expect what happened then… Pem and Karine got our best friends in Colomb in such a short time, our kids melted together with the local and the international kids in school, learned to speak english fluently in a very short time, learned what it means to live without advertisement, living basic grounded, sometimes without electrical power, no internet, slowing down, having time to be a kid, alternative education in the beautiful nature…and the best …to feel heart-connected with people. So we adults did too!

This was not a one-time experience …since 2013 our life changed and we came back every season to live in the community for four months.

You are welcome to try a step in your life and please feel invited to our place and to our school. Yes, it is possible as a family with kids to the age of 14 (now also a High School is planned) to combine education and a beautiful experience the same time. Do never hesitate to contact the school or parents of the school for any question. Also the South Goa community on FB is a possibility to get answers …for sure if you plan to come the first time, you will have many questions.

Namasté Tom

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