Our superproduction “Beowulf”

Class 7/8 is preparing for its production of Beowulf, to be performed on Friday, February 17th. Beowulf is a brave warrior who goes on a journey to the kingdom of Hrothgar to fight a monster that has been attacking Hrothgar’s hall and killing his warriors for 12 years. Beowulf fights the monster but then the monster’s mother seeks revenge. Beowulf returns victorious to his people and eventually becomes king. He rules his kingdom wisely but then a vengeful dragon is awakened and threatens the kingdom. We, the students of Class 7/8, are building an awesome dragon puppet out of: bamboo, garden hose, metal wire, tape and cello-wrap. First we made a bamboo frame joined with tape as the dragon’s skeleton, then used the flexible hose to form the head, body and tail, with cello-wrap for skin. Next, we will cover the skin in colored fabric and a flashlight will make fire from the eyes and mouth. The dragon puppet is about 1.8 metres high, weighs approximately 20 kgs and will be carried by one Class 7/8 student with the aid of shoulder straps we attached to the frame.

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