New year plans

With the coming of the new year, Vidya Aranya’s students and teachers are busily preparing for the annual drama production, always a high point of the season. This year, Ian and Marianne Siddons-Heginworth, parents in the school, are heading up the work and we are looking forward to not one but two plays. Both Ian and Marianne are trained drama-therapists and skilled puppet builders.

Working with Classes 1 through 6, Marianne is developing a retelling of an old selkie tale, incorporating dramatic speech, puppets and song, while Ian is working with Class 7/8 on a production of the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf, for which the students are building large scale monster and dragon puppets. This year, the plays will be performed at our new school site. We are planning for a mid-February performance; stay posted for the exact date and photos as well.

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