Life’s better under the palm – our parents story

Living in Poland, and working as a freelancer, I always dreamt about living in a tropical country, amongst nice people, far away from the stress and rush of the modern western life. To be honest, at the beginning, this type of plan seemed like a far-away illusion of something beautiful but surely unreachable. Me and my wife, we were thinking that it would be possible only after we send our kids to college and we will be free from all our parental duties. But it is such a long time!!!

But after we went for our first trip to Asia (Thailand), for the first time we had this strange feeling that we cannot wait so long. We cannot wait until we’re old to fulfill our dreams. Life is now. So we started to look for schools in Asia. Our kids attend waldorf school in Poland so we were looking for this type of education for them. Our friends told us that Sri Lanka is a nice country. We asked uncle Google: “Waldorf School in Sri Lanka”. No results. But wait, there is something… Waldorf inspired school in… Goa. Goa? Well let’s click this link. We entered the website of Vidya Aranya school in India. And so began our adventure.

We saw a website of the school with pictures of an international group of kids – dirty, playful and very, very happy. We read that this school was primary set up just for the kids of few westerners living and working there, and year by year school got bigger, as the international community grew around this place. We had never considered to live in India. But the next few weeks of research, Skype conferences and exchange of e-mails increasingly convinced us, that we were on the trail of something great. We discovered a true treasure!

We contacted several parents and teachers. All of them were saying to us: “If you are looking for the best place in Asia to live with your family an easy, safe and joyful life – this is the best spot for you”. And it was true. Even now what I talk with families who travel through Asia – almost all of them repeat like a mantra – there are nice places, but this one is the number 1 choice for us. Why?

Beautiful beach; wonderful nature; open and friendly local people; healthy community; relatively cheap cost of leaving; and of course the school. Our kids love this school, they say they don’t want to go back to their Polish school (which I consider is very good), they have plenty of friends here, they have teachers they really like, they have their whole world in and outside school. Real freedom. They are safe here, and they can hang around in the village having their own life and matters. They are all the time outside, swimming in the ocean, doing gymnastics on the beach, riding bikes, playing with dogs. It is like never-ending August in Europe.

We planned to come here only for one year. Some people call it a “gap year”. Well now it is our 3 season here. And this starts to be our home now. If you have this call or adventure, you want something special and unforgettable for your children…. Maybe you also have just discovered your true treasure.

Jarek from Poland,

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