Event in our school

Craft Fair

During the afternoon and early evening of Friday, December 23, Vidya Aranya hosted its annual Craft Fair, the first in our new grounds at the cashew orchard in Rajbag. In the weeks leading up to the Fair, the students were busy during their afternoon Arts and Crafts classes preparing painted pots, colorful braided bracelets, decorative hanging strands of shells and mirrors, as well as a multitude of paper crafts including decorative elephants, flowers, earrings made from origami-folding.

There were savory and sweet treats for sale, and games such as Castle Ball Toss, Fishing Pool and Ring Toss, with prizes galore. The Craft Fair culminated in musical and dancing performances by the students and a raffle whose prizes included massage, yoga, and dance class vouchers, as well as overnight stays at a local resort, all donated by our parents.

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