The school provides a thriving community for parents as well as children. Drop-offs in the mornings and pick-up in the afternoons are a hubbub of gossip and conversation. These are times you can speak to teachers and parent representatives from the school council. This is also where you’ll find out about what South Goa has to offer, the houses to rent, the places to eat or to visit, and also the things to avoid. If you’re new to South Goa you’ll quickly find an open, engaged and welcoming community.

We welcome and encourage the involvement of all parents. Many of us are directly involved in the life of the school: coming up with fun fundraising ideas and events (Flamenco, and Bollywood dance classes, live music and food events, fun runs), assisting in the classroom, blogging for our website, helping in the garden, providing music lessons, or assisting with school maintenance. Like many community-based schools, we often benefit from the generosity of parents who contribute their skill, passion and time to enrich the school.