Vidya Aranya School is a not-for-profit Waldorf-inspired school situated within the walls of a beautiful cashew-orchard near Rajbag Beach in South Goa.

Our history dates back to 2002 when we started Vidya Aranya as a home school. Due to the growing influx of overseas travelers and an expanding expat community, Vidya Aranya was formally established as a school in 2004. Since then the school has earned a reputation for offering its pupils a child-centered curriculum and a warm, nurturing environment in which to learn. In 2006, the Vidya Aranya Trust was founded to support all administrative and financial aspects of the school.


The School 

Whilst Vidya Aranya is open to local students, our main student intake is from Europe and North America. All lessons are taught in English, with some overseas students having learnt English while attending classes with us.

In every aspect, our school has been designed to allow students to learn in close proximity to the natural surroundings. Our classrooms provide shade and the necessary sense of being held, but air and the magical Goan sunlight are all around. outside the classrooms, every long-limbed cashew tree and secluded corner provide magical, multi-purpose play spaces for the students.

Because we value our surroundings, we also make an effort to educate our students on the history and geography of Goa, its ecological, plant, and animal life, as well as the environmental issues that affect not only South Goa, but also the globe as a whole.

Our operational costs are supported by school fees and a number of valued and appreciated donations by people from all walks of life.  The number of enrolled students fluctuates, with the peak period of enrollment being between November and March, when we may have 50 - 60 students.