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  • Ian’s stories

    A few days ago we had our last magical, living story from Ian at waldorf inspired, international school in Goa, Vidya Aranya School. This short film gives a glimpse of what an immersive and wonderful experience a tale from a master story teller can be. Thank you Ian!

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  • Thoughts become things!

    …all started with a spontaneous 15 days Yoga holiday at Patnem beach 2012… my lovely wife Anja found the beautiful resort „Lotus” in a internet searchmashine (now called “Bamboo Yoga”) – we arrived – 95% female Yoga students and we the only family with two kids – magic place at

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  • Monster Workshop

    We are Maya (15) and Ela (13), and though we no longer attend Vidya Aranya, we remain connected to the school. Since the middle of December, we have been working on two monster puppets for the school play, Beowulf, which will be performed on the 17th of February. The puppets

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  • Life’s better under the palm – our parents story

    Living in Poland, and working as a freelancer, I always dreamt about living in a tropical country, amongst nice people, far away from the stress and rush of the modern western life. To be honest, at the beginning, this type of plan seemed like a far-away illusion of something beautiful

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